Introducing Slopes Growth.

A firm that is dedicated to helping young + inexperienced brands scale into big brands.

Working With Traditional Agencies

Working With Slopes Growth

We guide & transition brands into the ever-changing unknowns of technology + software.

We find and create brand growth by:

Brand Strategy

Ensuring that your message and your mission are working together properly.

Content Creation

Strategic planning to develop content that will reach the masses and bring awarness to your brand.

Funnel Building

Implementing funnels to increase traffic and more revenue to your bottom line.

Website Design + Development

Your starting point to your brand, your website needs to have the proper message + steps to leaving future clients happy

Social Strategy

Social Media isn’t just about paid media, its about aligning your content and message in a way that can go viral on any platform.

Community Building

Building a community around your brand is one of the most powerful hacks in business right now.

Athlete Marketing

We give brands unqiue access to our network of Athletes, allowing them to find ways to work together.

Affiliate Marketing

Naturally grow your brand by creating raving fans that are constantly buying and selling for you.

Video + Photography

Our team will ensure that our content plan matches exactly the type that your brand needs to flow successfully.

Public Relations

Your own articles or ones written about you, you will want a team to review and push forward with ease.

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Some Work

We Are The They

Project Manager Notes:

In just 6 months, this community built to help men grow into better individuals, netted over 1.6 million in revenue and is continuing to grow + impact hundreds of men. Jimmy Rex has done an amazing job curating and creating a successful brand and we were the engine behind all of his ideas from branding to building the entire app that the community is based off. This project consisted of creating several funnels to match constantly moving content.


Project Manager Notes:

Developed this project from the initial app UI / UX screens, we are super proud of this project. Coinlete is creating relationships with brands and College Athletes in the NIL Marketplace Space. We were with the brand from the beginning, desiging the original logos and planning with the team everything to the formula that connects like-minded athletes to brands based on a series of different metrics that are in the finished app.

Gabb Wireless

Project Manager Notes:

Our CEO started off as a thrilled client of Gabb and naturally the relationship happened to where we are helping them with several of their on-going projects. Most importantly, we help them with all of their funnels, ensuring success from each landing page, as well as we built out their entire Athlete program, helping them create successful relationships with new affiliates.

More Lit

Project Manager Notes:

A mission to get people to drink less alochol, this energy shot has been dubbed as “the alternate adult drink”. Infused with DELTA 8 ingredients, this energy shot will give you the boost of energy needed combined with the relaxing, chill effects of marijuana. We built this product from the ground up, building the brand, the website, the content, etc. to really bring this mission to life.


Project Manager Notes:

Partnered up with an individual that was making moves when it came to helping former athletes transition their life away from the sport to build an entire community based platform to help masses of former skilled individual just looking for what’s next in life. This platform is providing value by giving the resources needed to ensure success in members future endeavors.

Tova Medical

Project Manager Notes:

We were fortunate enough to get the starting bid to develop this app and software for Michael Coudrey and his team. We developed the entire backend of the both the iOS + Android apps. This app gives users the ability to video chat with the next available doctor to address health concerns, and have treatments mailed to their home or sent to your local pharmacy for pick up.

Workflow Group

Project Manager Notes:

This company was averaging 250K annual revenue three years running when we stepped in. In 2020, we implemented our bulletproof marketing plan + full rebrand, which resulted in 3.8 million in revenue in just six months. Our plan included taking a traditional sales model and transitioning it into a SAAS model mixed with affiliates and brought it to an industry that hasn’t changed in 35 years. 

Child Liberation Foundation

Project Manager Notes:

An influential charity that is a significant resource for helping save children from sex trafficking. They work with some of the best organizations to fight this horrific crime, but they had yet to solve their digital footprint. Within a month of working together, we developed an entire blueprint that included a fully functioning website that brought in over 100K in donations and brought brand awareness to tens of thousands. 

Brighter Futures

Project Manager Notes:

Working with this incredible company that helps so many children in the foster care space has been a treat for us. Within 12 months, we accomplished the unthinkable and developed a full online experience that included a website and an employee portal. We took this company with hundreds of employees who were manually filling out thousands of papers per month to automated, cloud-based software. This portal resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars/hours saved for the company.

Less Sore

Project Manager Notes:

We were introduced to this product and were completely blown away with how effective the formula was, but felt as if the current branding didn’t do the proper justice for that exactly. We then developed a new brand with the existing product line and created different campaigns using our network of Athletes to build numerous funnels for the affiliate program. We then took to social media and developed a strategy to market using the same content made for the funnels, leading to a very successful re-launch.

News + Updates

A Message From Our Founder, Brett Horrocks

Starting Slopes Digital in 2017 was a dream come true for me. Through thousands of websites built, all the campaigns launched, and most importantly, the clients that became life-long friends. During this time, I realized that my true passion wasn’t in the implementation of marketing campaigns or building websites but in helping companies struggling to adapt to the new world and seeing the results flood in because of it.

That leads me to announce that starting in 2021, Slopes Digital will be making some significant changes. We have begun the process to have other agencies acquire the majority of our client list and as a company, we will be transitioning from a traditional agency to a unique brand strategy company. Being a conventional agency for the past three years, we realized that those same new websites or a flashy campaigns weren’t directly increasing profits or solving growth issues. Real growth happens when your branding aligns with your message, and your message aligns with your marketing. The only way to change this is to start at stage one and control the direction.

We decided that we wanted to start fresh from the top with the new approach and recreate our brand to match the direction. I am incredibly excited to announce that Slopes Growth will be our name and branding as we advance.

The team and I are excited for 2021 and have set some big goals. If you would like to see if your brand is a good fit, please schedule a call.

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We help brands rejuvenate and adapt to the future of business. Our approach was created to help brands in the 250K – 500K range scale up using a strategic brand growth model that includes implementing several aspects around automation and software.

Slopes Growth

A firm that is dedicated to helping young + inexperienced brands scale into big brands.

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