Scale your brand by partnering with the right athletes at the right time.

We help brands CREATE, STRATEGIZE, and SCALE athlete affiliate programs to grow their bottom line while adding elite individuals to their network who are inspired to share the same mission.

without slopes growth

Currently managing athlete programs

with slopes growth

Managing athlete programs with us

Athlete collabs without Slopes...

Bad Communication between teams

Wasted time searching for athletes

Higher spend than brands need

Lack of creative effort behind campaigns

No middle-man to see deal through

Non-scalable collab leading to dead end


The brandlete project


We will help you build profitable + creative campaigns that will bring brand awareness.


We will introduce you to the right athletes that have similar missions to your brand.


We will build off of momentum by keeping new ideas, athletes, + deal flow happening.

Athlete collabs with Slopes...

Network of athletes that are pushing your brand with honest content.

Athlete program is running fully without your stress or time.

You and your products thriving in new markets + industries.

You are scaling ad and marketing spend like you have always dreamed.

New experiences + people introduced to your brand.

You’ve successfully unlocked a new level to your brand.

Let's get started.​

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Case studies.

Gabb Wireless

No stranger to finding success through affiliate campaigns, Gabb came to us as a powerhouse looking to expand its current reach and customer base. We partnered them with a strategic NBA player who aligned directly with their values to be a new face to several campaigns. We helped develop the entire strategy with the athlete and team, scheduled all meetings, and helped with the funnel development.

Refresh +

Slopes activated hundreds of professional, college, and high school athletes to help them launch their new sports drink to the market. While Slopes used some macro-influencer partnerships, this micro-influencer program focused on collaborations with creators of smaller followings who could deliver creative for the brand in exchange for gifted products and an affiliate link for commission.

Workflow Group

We partnered with a large university to create an internship program at the start of the NIL Changes… We leveraged this managed service company that serviced thousands of locations to give multiple members of the school football team paid internships, where they learned several things about the industry and entrepreneurship.

The McHenry Group

A well-known restauranteur and industry expert knew that his locations were hotspots for elites. We partnered to evolve their business to be affiliated with athletes by creating ambassadors and providing entertainment for them that they didn’t have in the city. Not only did this result in a splurge of new business, but these new relationships are providing more value.

Meet the founders.

Brett Horrocks

Brett Horrocks

Known for his expertise in brand consulting and forging powerful connections between brands and athletes, Brett adeptly steers promising startups, offering strategic insights in collaboration with influential partners.


Xavier Jackson

After finishing his collegiate basketball career at VCU, Xavier quickly started his entrepreneurial path in the sports world by partnering with multiple elite NBA players to excel in their personal brand and bring them unique partnerships to their network.

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